Blogjournal: 5-13-14, or Memphis VA Goodbye Tour 2014

Today was a day of several goodbyes, though with significant variation in meaningfulness.


Below, I ramble about student government, a final safari through the VA in Memphis, and other mundane tasks to be completed prior to graduation.

The last meeting of our medical school’s student government (Medical Student Executive Council, or MSEC) was tonight … or, well, the last meeting that will take place before my class and I graduate. It was bittersweet and lengthy; we had to elect both the vice president (who usually becomes the MSEC president after next year) as well as weed select several candidates for our school’s admissions committee. Every candidate was extremely well-qualified, and it was not an easy meeting (perhaps why it took over 3 hours), but I feel very good about the future of both MSEC and the college. Some of the interviews had me feeling somewhat nostalgic, as every one of them was passionate about the school and the many things that make it unique – those same things are why I am going to miss it so much after I leave. Some of my closest friends are on the council; we discussed the change in culture that had taken place since our first year (in 2010). The council had been and always was productive, but it was a much more collegial and friendly atmosphere tonight than it was four years prior. It has really been an honor and privilege to help contribute to the school, especially after it helped open so many doors for me (including the one I’ll be walking into next month).


I got an extensive goodbye tour of the Memphis VA. Since I won’t be rotating at a VA in Memphis or in Tennessee for the foreseeable future, part of the check-out process included closing out my account (what we used to write student notes, check patient records, etc.). This process is kind of a mess: it consists of having to go to six different offices all strategically located far away from each other. It is so convoluted that they have to give us a map of the facility with arrows pointing in all kinds of directions (you have to go to the offices in a particular order, as well). I couldn’t help but be reminded of an old-school treasure map. The prize? My freedom.


I said goodbye to my campus parking pass after I received a somewhat hostile e-mail notifying me I was going to have a hold on my diploma if I didn’t do it immediately. I was planning on doing it anyway, but considering the pass I turned in expired in 2013, I’m not sure why the school is so adamant about having them returned. Is it that difficult to simply walk up and look what year is on the tag?

I said goodbye to seven books I had rented out from student services. I hadn’t looked at any of them in over a year, but they were checked out for free and the least I can do is return them so that someone else may benefit in the future from them. Of course, most of them are outdated and newer editions have since been released and likely donated to the same organization, but…

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s finale is was tonight… I cannot wait. It’s waiting on my DVR… after the Clippers/GrizzliesThunder game, I am going to geek out so hard.


Clark Gregg & Chloe Bennet, both in AOS and both people I am going to miss seeing every week. Hallelujah they’re coming back for season 2!

That’s all. Spoiler alert: sometimes I just look at the day’s top reddit posts for things to break up what is otherwise a bunch of word vomit.

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